About Us

Smart Details Overview

 Smart Details started as a mobile detailing business in 2012 to share the passion for car detailing through professional, consistent and quality auto detailing services.

The business is managed and run by the founder, Raymond, who is a perfectionist himself. He gets a lot of satisfaction in perfecting paintwork or making dirty cars clean and shiny again.

The increasing demand to deliver higher quality work under a controlled environment is the main reason behind the decision to set up our first auto detailing studio in late 2014 at Synergy@Kaki Bukit. Located in the eastern part of Singapore, Kaki Bukit is rapidly getting its popularity among car tuners and repair workshops.

Over the years, we have successfully restored different paintwork, whether it is hard or soft paint, single stage or clear coated, by using different combination of polishing compounds, pads, and tools. It wouldn’t be possible without the relentless efforts in researching and experimenting to develop the optimum polishing combinations, methodologies and paint protection solutions.

We always believe in experience and knowledge sharing, whether it is with our customers or fellow detailers. Being equipped with the right knowledge and to learn from experiences would enable car owners to have a better understanding of their cars' conditions and detailing needs.

At Smart Details, there is never a job too small. In fact, we’re fussier over the smallest details. You are always welcome to discuss with us on your detailing needs and we will recommend customised detailing regimes that will keep your cars well maintained all year round!